Stash busting update


I can already tell there will be a lot of ups and downs to this stash busting project.

The first couple days went well. I was feeling like I was getting somewhere right away.

I am working on a commission for a woven wall hanging. I actually had to buy yarn for it because I didn’t have the necessary colors. (Which are black and white. Can you imagine?) I did have a skein of a fun textured bumpy white, and I used that as the big fringe at the bottom of the wall hanging. That used up an entire skein, so I was very excited about that.

I also made this fun quick hat.

The yarn is a vintage wool which we have a ton of in the stash. It’s from when we bought the yarn store.


Pingouin Meche Bouclee

I was pleased that the hat used almost 3 skeins of the yarn. So between the hat and wall hanging, I have used up 4 skeins of yarn!

As you can imagine, I have no idea how much yarn is actually in the stash. There are probably 15 bins full of yarn, plus some bags. There is no way I’m doing a full inventory.

I do want to organize it more and separate smaller bits of yarn, things that aren’t full skeins. That way I know these certain bins are full skeins that I can do a bigger project with, and these other bins are just bits and bobs.

I want to find a bits and bobs project. I’m thinking a crocheted blanket, maybe hexagons. I’ve seen some really nice ones that people make. I’m also thinking of the Beekeeper’s Quilt by Tiny Owl Knits.

I had a very low moment when I was organizing some of my “current” yarn. I had a little bag full of bits of fingering weight, and I went to put it in the fingering weight bin. The bin nearly exploded when I opened it. I wanted to cry. I really thought I was getting somewhere, if I just didn’t look at the stash. But I must keep my head up and keep taking baby steps.

Another project I have going is the Meringue Cowl. It’s a lovely pattern and mainly I was looking for a mindless knit. It is that. The only thing to keep track of is your rows and where to put the eyelets, and when to switch between stockinette and reverse stockinette. It’s been nice to have a project like that. And I thought it would be a good way to use up some Knit Picks Palette.

Besides the main stash, I have a mini stash of just Knit Picks yarn. It’s pretty much all I buy because with the huge yarn stash, I can’t seem to justify spending a lot of money on yarn, so I just buy inexpensive yarn. Especially for commissions and things to sell and whatnot. I have a ton of Palette and I just have to get some used up. I am wondering about knitting socks with it, too.

I made two swatches so I can plan a couple sweaters.

Baby steps.

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