Bust the Stash 2016

We have a funny relationship with our yarn stashes, don’t we? We love them. We love all the beautiful yarn.

But they are always somehow taunting us. “Are you going to use me or just let me sit in this closet forever?”

The right project for the yarn never seems to present itself. We buy more yarn. The stash never gets smaller.

My mom and I have quite a yarn stash. She has been knitting 50+ years and I have been knitting 20+ years.

Oh, and then there was that time that we bought out a yarn store. Literally. When I was young we had a great local yarn shop that we patronized. In my early years of knitting I learned everything from my mom and the local shop owner, Elizabeth. Eventually she had to close the shop, and we bought all the wool yarn she had left. We didn’t buy acrylic, we just bought wool. All the wool, including needlepoint yarn.

We never organized our stash. A couple years ago when we moved, we put all the yarn in those space bags where you vacuum the air out and they get smaller. The bags were just stuffed in the closet in the craft room.

yarn closet

Yarn closet before organizing

Just recently we spent half a day organizing those bags.

We put everything into bins by yarn weight. Now the bins take up the entire craft room.


Bins of yarn by weight

I’ve had a couple failed attempts at busting the stash. I usually never did more than 1 or 2 projects. But it has to be different this time.

My plan is: no new yarn this year. (How many times do we all say that?) Mom and I are both working on temperature blankets so I know we will have to buy yarn for those, and that is OK. And if we get any commissions where someone needs something specific, yes, we will have to buy yarn. Other than that? No. Yarn is on sale? No. It’s really pretty? No.

And I’ve come up with a method: start with the yarn. We spend so much time looking at gorgeous patterns on ravelry. It seems that if we find the pattern first, we don’t have the yarn we need in our stash. That’s when we buy new yarn and the stash sits unused.

So the plan is to first pick out a yarn from the stash. See how much there is and what it inspires us to make, then find the pattern.

The first project that I want to make is a sweater with some discontinued Alafoss Lopi Lyng. We have 20 skeins of it in a mustardy yellow color. I have been wanting to make this Bulky Hooded Vest and I considered making it with the Lopi, but since there is so much of this yarn, I think I should go bigger and make a sweater. Now to find a pattern that I like…..

P.S. Don’t get me started on my spinning fiber stash, or my handspun yarn stash.

P.P.S. I hate to admit it but there are still tons of space bags in the craft closet. Turns out a lot of them are fabric, which I have no idea what we are doing with. And there is still some unorganized yarn. All the needlepoint yarn is still in bags, and I don’t know how to put it in a category. Is it fingering weight? Maybe.



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2 Responses to Bust the Stash 2016

  1. notewords says:

    You make me feel so much better about myself! ;-D

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