Original Toe-Up Socks

I love knitting socks. They’re so cute and fast and fun and everyone loves wearing them.

So when Craftsy had a Christmas sale and my Mom offered to buy me a couple classes (thanks Mom!) I chose Knit Original Toe-Up Socks. I’d been really wanting to do toe-up socks. It makes more sense to me. I like the idea of knitting up until I ran out of yarn, and making a nice long sock and getting the most use out of my yarn.

I spent a lot of time watching the videos and learning the preliminaries to knitting socks. All the nerdy math stuff, which I actually like. Yes, I am one of those knitters. I even started a folder where I keep measurement sheets for important people – my Mom, my sisters, etc, so I always have their foot measurements on hand when I want to make them socks.

I finally wanted to start knitting, and I have this gorgeous soft very fine sock yarn that I’ve been wanting to use. But the toes start with provisional cast-ons, which were new to me. I ended up trying and failing multiple times to start a toe and eventually I started ruining the yarn. It was getting untwisted and frayed.

I was inspired by another Craftsy member who made some cute socks in worsted weight. Why do I always think socks have to be fingering weight? Worsted weight for socks seems fun, and it will be easier to learn the fussy little toe cast-ons with a heavier yarn. I had some worsted weight that I dyed last year. Actually, the orange yarn was the first yarn I ever dyed.

I had this orange and some red. Both had been used for other projects (the red became Thrummed Mittens) and I had leftovers of each. Seemed like a pair of socks was the perfect way to use up the yarn.

In the Craftsy class, the instructor has socks that have been made with a contrasting color for the toe, heel, and cuff. It makes it easier for demonstration because you can clearly see how each part is made. But I really like the way it looks, and I liked the red and orange together, so I designed my own sock with contrasting toe, heel, and cuff.

toe-up socks 2

I really love the result. They are fun and a little funky, and very cozy. I used the moccasin toe and the afterthought heel. I had to figure out some calf increases since they are so long.

I did make a mistake. Even after watching and reviewing the video lessons so much, I forgot a very important step. Calculating negative ease. That’s important because wool is elastic and stretches over time, so you make the sock a little bit smaller than you actually want it so it has room to stretch. It also gives a nice snug fit. So they fit nicely now, but I’m sure that with some wear they will start to stretch and get a bit baggy.

Luckily, they also fit my Mom, and her foot is a bit bigger than mine. So I’m sure if they get too baggy for me she will be happy to take them. Actually, I believe she is anxiously waiting for that to happen. She was my model for the photo and she really loved wearing them, she didn’t want to take them off!

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