Finished Yarn: Snow Glow (Happy Mother’s Day)

il_fullxfull.389733628_ypr0A while back my Mom decided she loves a cool icy blue, and she would love it if I found a nice fiber to spin her some yarn. Please and thank you very much.

So when I found this fiber on Etsy she became quite obsessed. The lovely fiber artists who dyed it had a story about how the colorway was inspired: garden walls that had Christmas lights on them and then covered in snow made the lights glow through the snow, resulting in these gorgeous soft colors. We loved the story but the colors also reminded us of fairy wings.

When the fiber came, I didn’t even want to spin it. The little clouds it came in are just so beautiful, and the fiber was impossibly soft. It is merino and faux cashmere, with a bit of sparkle. Of course I usually prefer natural fibers but the faux doesn’t even bother me in this. It is so soft and squishy and irresistible. We left the fiber in its clear plastic bag on the coffee table for a while – we just loved looking at it. But after a couple weeks I had to get it on a spindle.

I was a little intimidated because it seemed like it might be the type of fiber that is slippery and difficult to spin. But it spun like a dream. It was smooth and easy and I never found it slippery at all.

This was my process. First I unwound the cloud. It was a big flat sheet, a perfectly blended batt:

I wanted to maintain the colors so I tore the strips off vertically. I pre-drafted each strip into its own little nest:



Then I spun!IMG_5262

Like I said, I maintained the colors, so I tore off the strips as the colors were laid out in the batt. It was great watching the colors transition. The transitions were nice and slow: the icy blue started getting a bit warmer, slowly transitioning into green. The green then became a bit lighter and then turned into orange. The orange transitioned into the beautiful soft rose color. But the orange and green are both so soft and subtle they are almost not there – they are just different shades of the blue and pink.

I got it spun up pretty quickly. The first mini batt took only 3 days. I took it a bit slower with the second one and got it done in a week. It came out very fine. (I’ve been spinning almost a year but I still can’t manage to control the weight of the yarn. It just comes out however it wants to come out.) The fine yarn is great because my Mom and I both envision a nice lacy shawl.

The only problem I encountered was after I washed the yarn. I didn’t want to full it too much because I wanted the maximum yardage. So I washed it in lukewarm water and just swooshed it around in the water a little – not really agitating it. But once it was dry it was curly. It had little “ramen noodle curls” as I’ve heard them being called. Holding the skein up didn’t show there was still a lot of twist in it – the skein hung nice and straight. But the yarn was too curly, I knew knitting it would be impossible. I washed it a second time, with warmer water and some agitation. It was still curly. So I wound it onto bobbins (cardboard tubes) and let it sit about a week and a half. That relaxed the curls out and it was nice and smooth and straight. (If that hadn’t worked, I would have plied it, which I didn’t really want to do. I didn’t want the colors to blend and I didn’t want to lose yardage. Thankfully that wasn’t necessary.)

IMG_5311And I finished it the day before Mother’s Day!

I ended up with 2 skeins totaling 946 yards. It’s about 24 wpi. The next step is figuring out what to make with it.

I definitely will be purchasing fiber from nunoco again. Their colors are gorgeous and the fiber was such a pleasure to spin. I highly recommend them.


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2 Responses to Finished Yarn: Snow Glow (Happy Mother’s Day)

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that. We have great fun designing and making batts and yet we hardly ever have time to spin them ourselves, so it’s a real treat for us when our customers show us what they’ve done with our fibres! You’ve done a lovely job and we can’t wait to see what you knit with it!

  2. clara says:

    I really agree with you about Nunoco fibers. I’ve just received my first batts and although I haven’t started spinning them I have spun up a sample I got and loved it. 🙂 Looking forward to my batts though!

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