Finished: Velutinous Lace Wristlets (Knit)

Velutinous Lace Wristlets

Another great pattern from Stitch Diva! I really love Stitch Diva. I took her Tunisian Crochet Craftsy course last summer and I loved it. She’s a really great teacher and I love that she’s bringing back forgotten crochet techniques and making them fun and modern.

I am now taking her Broomstick Lace Craftsy course. I made the sunglasses case which was super fun and quick, and a great stash buster. I am just waiting to get some fabric to line it, then I will post about it. I haven’t started the Rebel Cardi yet. I’m trying to decide who to make it for (maybe myself!) and when I can take on a big project.

So in the meantime, I made these wristlets. I found some Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted in my stash. Since the pattern calls for worsted yarn, I figured I would be OK. I’m glad that for once I did a gauge swatch, because my gauge was way off. I had to go from a size 4 to a size 7. I later figured out that Lion Brand Wool-Ease Worsted is actually Aran weight. But they call it worsted. What the….?? Oh well.

Anyway. I had fun with these, although I did run into a few problems. I didn’t quite understand how to do the broomstick lace in the round. I didn’t think of looking through my Craftsy course to find out how to do it. So I tried to figure it out on my own, kind of did it but it came out funky looking, and then found it in my lessons. I should have thought of that in the first place. My bad.

Also, when I did the chain cast-on I used a waste yarn, but I think I was supposed to do it with the regular yarn. After I finished the first wristlet and went to do the edging, it didn’t say anything about removing waste yarn, and it seemed like I should have just had my regular yarn. It seemed like I should have just been working from the chained cast-on as if it was a normal cast-on, not remove it like I would with a provisional cast-on. I think I confused it with a provisional cast-on. With the second one I chained the cast-on with my working yarn, but then when I went to work the edging it seemed tight. So I’m still not sure which was the right way.

But I really love broomstick lace. I love it for the same reason as hairpin lace. It looks really beautiful and it seems like it would be complicated, but it is actually very easy. The broomstick lace process is this:

Pick up loops using a crochet hook. Put the loops on a big knitting needle. Here I was using a size 19.

Picking up stitches and placing them on the large knitting needle

Then you take the giant needle out. Don’t worry, you won’t lose stitches. They are there. Some of them might try to get small and disappear but you can just yank them up back into place, and make sure its neighbors aren’t getting too small in the process.

Then you crochet into a group of the big loops. So far I have done only groups of 4 loops, but I guess that’s something that can be adjusted.

Crocheting into the big loops

This pattern had a single crochet, puff stitch with a chain 1 at the end, and another single crochet. This equals 4 stitches. So you’re working through 4 loops and you have to make sure you maintain that number by making 4 stitches in the group of loops.

Pretty easy. And very pretty. This is a bulkier look so you don’t get as much of a lacy effect, but it’s still beautiful.

So I had my frustrations with the pattern but I did enjoy making them. I like being challenged and learning new things, so it’s all part of the process. And I really love the finished product. I can see myself making them again because they are pretty and very cozy. Stitch Diva shows them in baby alpaca. Can you say luxurious? I would love some in baby alpaca. If I had some I might never take them off. Oh and I do want to try to crochet version as well. I’ll have to see what else is in my stash.

Velutinous Lace Wristlets

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  1. notewords says:

    Love this! Something else on my ‘to try out’ list…

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