I <3 Lace

"The Lacemaker" by Jan Vermeer

“The Lacemaker” by Jan Vermeer

I’ve always loved lace. My love was asleep for a while, though. It was recently awakened when I was watching “Cranford” (which I highly recommend) with my mother. I was in awe of the beautiful lace collars all the ladies wore.

I suddenly remembered being young – maybe 12 or 13 – and reading about a Belgian lace making school. Not just a school for making Belgian lace – but a Belgian school, in Belgium. I dreamed that I would someday attend and learn to make lovely lace.

I didn’t know that I would soon get a little older and suddenly think I was too cool for all this needlework stuff.

Now I’m in love again, but not really feeling up to travelling to Belgium. Lucky for me I have the internet, so I’m sure I can find some good sources online, or maybe even local classes to take. Regardless, I will learn lacemaking.

For now I’m just doing hairpin lace and broomstick lace. I don’t really consider them real lace, as in fabric lace. They are more of knitting and crocheting techniques, but they do produce beautiful results.  I also am about to start learning shuttle tatting  – sometimes known as “the poor man’s lace.” It is considered a filet lace technique, and  it is sort of just a fancy way of making tons of tiny knots. Tiny knots that become lace. I purchased the Craftsy course in Tatting and I have my shuttle – just waiting for my thread. I can’t wait.

Tatted lace

Tatted lace

I then plan on moving onto bobbin lace. This is the heavy duty stuff. This is what Vermeer’s lovely girl is working on. (It’s no coincidence that “The Lacemaker” has always been my favorite painting.)

Bobbin lace

Bobbin lace

I’m not sure when time and space will allow for this. I already have so many projects going on. But I’m so in love and I keep thinking about lace and seeing it everywhere and dreaming about making it.


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