Hairpinning some lace

I have a tendency to want to try lots of new crafting techniques. So getting a hairpin lace loom for Christmas was beyond exciting. A new craft! And it’s lace, to make it even more exciting.

I watched a couple tutorials from Stitch Diva right away, and learned how to make a basic strip of loops. It was surprisingly easy. I just couldn’t understand how this strip of loops was going to turn into something.

I put it away for a while figuring an opportunity would present itself where I would have the right yarn and pattern and I would make something. It never really happened, and out of nowhere I got really itchy to work on something. I found a random ball of *gasp* acrylic yarn. I never have much purpose for acrylic (why was it even around? I have no idea) so I figured I might as well use it to “practice” some hairpin lace.

I found this free pattern (from Stitch Diva, of course.) The yarn was totally wrong but I didn’t really care, I was just practicing. I didn’t even care how it came out.

I made up the strips in about a day. Like I said, it’s really easy. You’re basically just making single crochets with these big loops attached on either end.

One hairpin lace strip on the loom, one off.

Joining them was a little more challenging, but again once I understood what was going on it was really easy. I actually joined them the wrong way but I didn’t realize until I was well over half-way done, and it seemed like it was difficult to undo. So I left it. I’m just practicing. I got so involved in watching a tutorial on YouTube that I neglected to double check my pattern. Instead of cable joining two loops at a time, I only did one loop at a time. But I really don’t mind. It still makes a nice fabric, it just has a different texture.

After joining the two strips there’s a crocheted edging. It took me a few times to work out the stitches but a little challenge is always nice.

The finished product? A cute little neck-warmer. I guess you could consider it an ascot. I plan on adding a button or I’ll just get a shawl pin to fasten it.

Hairpin lace neck-warmer

I’m really excited to do more with hairpin lace. There aren’t a ton of patterns available, but it seems pretty easy to play around. I imagine I could even come up with my own designs.

I like that it’s really easy and can be quite mindless. Making the looped strips is a nice thing to work on when you don’t feel like counting stitches or following a pattern. There are lots of other ways to join the strips, and adding crocheted edging really means there are endless possibilities.

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