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Finished: Velutinous Lace Wristlets (Knit)

Another great pattern from Stitch Diva! I really love Stitch Diva. I took her Tunisian Crochet Craftsy course last summer and I loved it. She’s a really great teacher and I love that she’s bringing back forgotten crochet techniques and … Continue reading

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I <3 Lace

I’ve always loved lace. My love was asleep for a while, though. It was recently awakened when I was watching “Cranford” (which I highly recommend) with my mother. I was in awe of the beautiful lace collars all the ladies … Continue reading

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Hairpinning some lace

I have a tendency to want to try lots of new crafting techniques. So getting a hairpin lace loom for Christmas was beyond exciting. A new craft! And it’s lace, to make it even more exciting. I watched a couple … Continue reading

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