Bella Mittens (or last minute Christmas gifts)

My sister-in-law and I are somewhat obsessed with Twilight. (That might be somewhat of an understatement.) So when I found this pattern I knew I had to make a pair for her.

I made these about a month before Christmas. I figured I had enough time before Christmas to finish them – they were bulky so they should go fast.

They went super fast. It took 2 days – 1 for each mitten.

My pair of Bella mittens – in Biggo by KnitPicks “Cobblestone Heather”

Bella Swan in “Twilight” wearing her mittens

My mom was so impressed with them, she decided everyone (my other sisters) would like a pair, even though they’re not Twilight fans. So I found some yarn lying around the house (not a difficult thing to do) and made a couple more pairs.

Orange mittens: Peruvian Highland Chunky in colorway 744

This yarn calls itself chunky and in Ravelry is classified as “Bulky.” I beg to differ. It feels to me like DK or Aran. So these came out sleeker – they fit snugger and the fabric is nice and stretchy. Not as cushy and dense as the fabric with the Biggo yarn, but still beautiful. And the color is a color my sister wears a lot, so it really suits her.

And another pair:

Pink mittens: Morehouse Farms Merino Bulky in “Geranium”

This yarn was bulkier, but still not quite as bulky as the Biggo. But it’s merino so it’s super soft. Very luxurious! And my other sister loves bright vibrant colors, so the color is perfect for her.

I also adapted the pattern and made myself some fingerless gloves:

Fingerless gloves: Decadence by KnitPicks (discontinued) in “Chocolate”

This is 100% Alpaca yarn – very decadent indeed. I love wearing these.

And another fingerless pair for my mother:

Fingerless gloves: Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Bulky in “Lemon Drop”

So all in all, I made 5 pairs of these mittens. I have to say I love the pattern. Obviously it’s super fast. It was also fun and I had an easy time memorizing it . It was definitely a great last minute gift.

I did manage to get them all done by Christmas, except for my Mom’s, but that was mostly because I didn’t want to work on them in front of my sisters. My Mom was orchestrating the whole plan, so she understood.

4 of the 5 mittens

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